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Tax Preparation Made Easy

Tax Preparation Made Easy

How Do Your Customers Prepare Tax Forms?

Struggle by hand? Better yet, use an inserter? 
Or use a hassle-free Pressure Sealer for the simplest, most efficient solution. 

When it comes to preparing W2’s and 1099s, it can be a time consuming process. There are numerous ways to get the job done. 

One way is to fold and insert by hand which can take a lot of time.

A better way is to use an inserter. This requires both a form and an envelope and is faster than doing it manually.

The best way is to use a FORMAX AutoSeal Pressure Sealer!

FD 2054 in use
By using a pressure seal system, combined with business tax software, companies can maximize volume while minimizing processing time and cost. 

After printing, tax forms are brought to the pressure sealer to be folded and sealed quickly and efficiently. The result is a secure, mail-ready document which provides a professional look in a timely, cost effective manner!