Widmer S-3 Check Signer

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The Martin Yale Model 1648 heavy-duty automatic letter opener


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Widmer S-3 Check Signer

  • The Widmer S-3 Check Signer is a simple single sheet check signer.
  • Great for simple secure check signing.
  • Both operation and signature plate access are controlled by a secure dual key lock system.
  • w/ One Signature Plate
  • Double Signature Plates available


Quick Overview:

  • Security
  • Dual lock system
  • Case lock
  • Security lock
  • Visual counter
  • Removable die holder
  • Instantaneous trip
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable guide
  • Rugged metal case
  • Brass signature plate


  • Maximum Height of Documents that can be inserted into the stamp and the stamp will still print: 3/8 inch.
  • If you anticipate inserting documents that are close to the acceptable limit into the machine, we recommend you purchase the Custom Baffle.

The Widmer S-3 Check Signer is Perfect for a Small Business.

  • Though compact in size, compared to other Check Signers, the Widmer S-3 is very durable with its metal cast construction and secure Dual Lock System.
  • The simple action of inserting the check triggers the signature imprint.

Optional Tri-Color ink ribbons are available for additional security.

  • The purchase price includes a single Signature Plate
  • (Double Signature Plates are available for an additional $95.00).
  • Additional and Replacement Signature Plates are also available.
  • A signature form will be sent to the customer upon purchase and the original needs to be returned.
  • This form will be used to create a customized Signature Plate.

 Ribbon Features:

  • Comes with one FREE Ribbon inserted into the Stamp.
  • Choose a Blue, Black, Red, Green or Purple Ribbon.
  • If you are scanning in color, Purple is the recommend color as it shows up best.
  • Indicate your color choice in the Order Notes in the Shopping Cart.

widmer s-3 check signer

Security Features:

  • Dual lock system
  • Case lock
  • Electric Security Lock
  • Visual counter
  • Removable die holder – Simply push a lever to remove the engraved plate which may be mounted to the holder in any of four directions to accommodate almost any check or document.


  • Instantaneous Trip. The simple action of inserting a check triggers the electronic printing.
  • No handles to pull or button to push.
  • Reasonable Price – especially when all the built in features are considered!
  • Adjustable Guide which makes placement of the Signature on a check -Simple, Easy and Fast!
  • Rugged Metal Case for Sturdiness and Durability
  • Brass Signature Plate – which is meticulously Hand Engraved for a clear, distinct signature reproduction and long plate life!
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) approved.

Optional Features

  • Double or triple signature check endorsing die plate
  • Three color ribbon
  • Wavy or dotted background on the Signature
  • Extra signature and holder
  • Extra signature on same holder
  • Background for signature (dots, broken lines or waves)
  • Straight line borders
  • Electric security lock
  • Visual counter


  • Dimensions:  7-1/4″ H. x 6-1/4″ W. x 10″ D.
  • Product Weight:  15 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight:  18 lbs.
  • Total Engraving Area: 1-7/8″ Wide x 1-7/8″ High.
  • Voltage: 115 Volts 60 Hz.
  • Optional 220 Volts 50 Hz.

Additional information

Weight 18.00 lbs

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