Telequip T-Flex Dual Coin Dispenser

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Telequip T-Flex Dual Coin Dispenser on sale!


Telequip T-Flex Dual Coin Dispenser

Telequip Dual Dispense T-Flex Coin Dispenser


  • Accurate Change – Instantly!
  • Quick Coin Change System
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Supports Two Tellers or Associates simultaneously!
  • Saves Space!
  • Saves Cost!
  • Usually ships 7 – 10 days.


  • Faster Speed of service!
  • Accurate change – instantly!
  • Easier end of day balancing!
  • More efficient operations!


  • Innovative Dual Dispense capability dispenses coin into two separate coin cups.
  • This unit services two tellers with one device.
  • Saves up to 8 seconds per transaction.
  • More time to focus on the customer.
  • Mistake-free transactions.
  • Reduces the need for coin replenishment.
  • Faster counting the cash drawer.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Coin is locked in the canister.
  • Coin Dispenser can be bolted to the counter.

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Telequip Dual Dispense T-Flex Coin Dispenser


  • Coin Capacity: Coin Canister holds up to $111.42
  • Transaction Capacity: Filled coin canister supports over 200 transactions
  • Dispense Options: Minimum dispense or even depletion
  • Tracking: Built-in ability to accumulate coin dispense history
  • Communications: Controlled by two separate POS or teller stations
  • Type: Dual Dispense, off White Color, no top fill canister and 2400 Baud rate
  • Size: 9 3/4″ (W) X 6 1/2″ (D) X 14 1/2″ (H) with Canister
  • Weight: 11 1/4 Lbs. with Canister unloaded
  • Power: 32 Volt DC; 4 Amps Max
  • External Power Supply: 120 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz input, 32 VDC output


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