Telequip CoinXpress CX25 Coin Dispenser

The Telequip CoinXpress CX25 Coin Dispenser is a heavy-duty unit designed for trouble-free operation and has options of 3-bin, 4-bin or 6-bin implementations.

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Telequip CoinXpress CX25 Coin Dispenser

Telequip CoinXpress CX25 Coin Dispenser


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Telequip CoinXpress CX25 Coin Dispenser

 Quick Points:

  • Optimal Performance – Fewer Refills
  • High capacity hoppers for optimized performance
  • Designed for long runs between refills
  • Innovative jam-sensing technology
  • Unique 25° angled hopper design for less motor stress and rotor wear
  • Debris flushing capability
  • Low coin alarm threshold
  • Excellent for Bingo Parlors, Casions, Fast Food, Resturant, Retail, Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Telequip CoinXpress CX25 Coin Dispenser

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  • The CX25™ is a robust coin dispenser offering years of reliable service and outstanding performance in high cash environments.
  • Located at most self-service and self-checkout applications, this coin dispenser accommodates high volumes of coin-typically up to 1,046 transactions before the CX25 requires refilling.
  • This unit is available in 4 different bin configurations to fit a variety of envelopes.

When you are looking for an effective coin management solution, think of the CX25 for optimized performance with a long life cycle. Ideal for financial services applications like Multi-function ATMs and Money Transfer Kiosks.


  • Heavy-duty design for trouble-free operation
  • 3-bin, 4-bin or 6-bin implementations
  • History of dispensed coins maintained in memory
  • Single electronics board powers up to six hoppers
  • It’s Fast: Dispenses 6 coins per second

Telequip CoinXpress CX25 Coin Dispenser

Telequip ExpressCoin 4 Bin Coin Dispenser


  • Coin Capacity Coin canister holds up to $387.00 (4-bin unit)
  • Transaction Capacity Filled canister supports 1,046 transactions before requiring a re-fill (4-bin)
  • Dispense Options Minimum dispense or even depletion
  • Tracking Built-in ability to accumulate coin dispense history

Telequip CoinXpress CX25 Coin Dispenser


  • Transaction Capacity: US 4-bin supports 1,046 transactions before requiring a re-fill
  • Coin Capacity US 4-bin unit holds $387
  • Compliance RoHS compliant
  • Configurations 3, 4, or 6-hopper dispensers
  • Options Configurable alarm and dispense options available
  • Power:
    3-bin in-line: 6.9” W x 10.4” D x 9.1” H (without cup)
    4-bin in-line: 6.9” W x 13.7” D x 9.6” H (without cup)
    6-bin face-to-face: 13.6” W x 10.4” D x 9.1” H (without cup)
  • Size: Direct connection requires 24 Volts DC and 1.7 Amps maximum
  • External Switching Power Supply: Single 24 Volts DC
  • Worldwide Support Adaptable to a variety of currencies, including US, Canada,
    UK, Euro, and many more.


CX25 Bin Configurations
CX25 Bin Configurations
  • 3-Bin System
  • 4-Bin System
  • 6-Bin System
  • 8-Bin System




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