Smooth Mount PBML 4025 Pouch Board Laminator


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Smooth Mount PBML 4025 Pouch Board Laminator

Smooth Mount PBML 2725 Pouch Board Laminator


  • The Smooth Mount PBML 4025 Pouch Board Laminator is a 40 inch laminator.
  • The PBML 4025 is a heated mounting pouch board laminator.
  • Robustly designed, the Smooth Mount uses metal construction with high quality 2.5 inch diameter silicone rollers for professional results.
  • Variable speeds and temperatures let the Smooth Mount Laminator mount prints at up to 5 feet per minute using MountCor boards.
  • The Smooth Mount Laminator gives you ease of use with faster production speeds.


  • The Smooth Mount Laminators rolls are spring loaded and automatically adjust to all boards up to a 1/4″ thick.
  • Just insert your board and the Smooth Mount Laminator does the rest.


  • Rear extension legs to support finished Mounts
  • Silicon Covered 2.5″ diameter rollers
  • Rugged all metal construction
  • Digital Controls



  • Width:  40 inches (roller width 28″)
  • Maximum roll opening – 1/4″ Digital Controls
  • Clear Safety Cover
  • Automatic Spring-loaded roll Height adjustment
  • Metal Inkaloy long lasting heating element
  • Heat:  Variable from cold to 300 degrees
  • Speed: Variable from 1 to 5 feet per minute
  • Power:  110 Volt /  11 Amp – no special power required
  • 2.5″ diameter Roll covering – Silicon
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 76 lbs
  • Dimensions:  35″x 10.5″x 15″
  • Warranty:  1 year