*Semacon S-45 Electric Manual Coin Counter

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Semacon S-45 Electric Manual Portable Coin Counter can be used in manual or electric mode.

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Semacon S-45 Electric Manual Coin Counter

A Portable Coin Counter


This is a Manual & Electric Coin Counter that can Count/Wrap/Package/Off-Sort Coins


  • The Semacon S-45 Portable Coin Counter can be used in manual or electric mode.
  • This counter has one simple adjustment for the coin diameter and another easy adjustment to set the coin thickness
  • Allowing for maximum flexibility in counting various coins or tokens.
  • With a large 1000 coin hopper the Semacon S-45 has a counting speed of up to 1200 coins per minute
  • And is designed to be long-lasting and durable for either stationary or portable applications.


  • Electric or Manual mode coin counter
  • Counts up to 1200 coins per minute
  • Hopper capacity up to 1000 coins
  • Approx. weight is 17 lbs.
  • Counting modes: Continuous Counting, Batch Counting, Bagging, Sorting and Packaging
  • Protective lid doubles as coin inspection and feeding tray
  • Counts, Bags, Sorts and Wraps: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, dollar coins, tokens and most foreign coins
  • Clear Protective Mechanism Cover
  • Batch setting lever sets the counter to stop at a particular count when filling coin wrappers
The Semacon S-45 Coin Counter shown here with standard accessories including main bagging attachment, offsorter bagging attachment, offsort tray, hand crank for manual operation and power cord.


  • Counting Mode:  Electric and Manual
  • Counter Speed:  1200 coin s per minute
  • Hopper Capacity:  1000 coins
  • Coin Counting:  Yes
  • Batch Counting:  Yes
  • Coin Bagging:  Yes
  • Coin Wrapping:  Yes
  • Dimensions L x W x H:  15″ x 10″ x 8″
  • Shipping Weight:  19 lbs.

Semacon Extension Replacement Service Plans –

*** 1, 2, 3 & 4 Year Replacement Service Plans Available

PDF:  Semacon Extended Replacement Service Plan

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 18 in


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