*Semacon Coin Wrapping Packaging Tubes


Semacon Coin Packaging Tubes – Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half-Dollar, SBA Dollar, Loonie and Toonie! Sold separately!

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Semacon Coin Wrapping Packaging Tubes

Packaging Tubes for SEMACON Coin Counting Machines:

  • Packaging Tubes Packaging Tubes to be be used with all Semacon Coin Counters that have a coin packaging feature.
  • Our coin packaging tubes are available in various coin denominations for USA coins, Canadian coin, Euro coins and coins of other nations.
  • These packaging tubes are designed to be used with our coin counters that feature a packaging function for high speed filling of coin wrappers.
  • Packaging Tubes sold separately and in Sets!

Semacon Coin Wrapping Packaging Tubes 


Packaging Tubes are available for all Semacon S-100 Series and S-45 Series Coin Counters with packaging (rolling) capability.  Each coin denomination requires a Packaging Tube and tubes are available for US, Canadian, Euro and many other coins.


  • PT-01 – Penny
  • PT-05 – Nickel
  • PT-10 – Dime
  • PT-25 – Quarter
  • PT-50 0 Half Dollar
  • PT-1.00 SBA/Golden Dollar
  • PT-L1 Canadian Loonie
  • PT-T2 Canadian Toonie


Additional information

Weight N/A

Coin Tubes

PT- 01- Penny, PT- 05 – Nickel, PT-10 – Dime, PT- 25 – Quarter, PT- 50 – Half Dollar, PT-1.00 SBA/Golden Dollar, PT- L1 Canadian Loonie, PT-T2 Canadian Toonie, Quarter/Nickel/Dime/Penny Set, Dollar/Half-Dollar Set, Loonie/Toonie Set


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