SDS-600 Smart Deposit Solutions

CALL US for the SDS-600 Smart Deposit Solutions is the ideal way of upgrading your cash handling – designed to improve accuracy, cash visibility and shrinkage protection.



SDS-600 Smart Deposit Solutions

Large Capacity Deposit Solutions – Bulk Feed Deposits

SDS-600 Smart Deposit Solutions

SDS-600 Smart Deposit Solutions

Quick Point:

  • The SDS-600 Smart Deposit Solutions are the ideal way of upgrading your cash handling.
  • It’s designed to improve accuracy, cash visibility and shrinkage protection.
  • The SDS-600 is a Large Capacity Deposit Solution.
  • 65% LOWER COSTS – Optimize your cash handling and get the most out of your work force to reduce labor costs.
  • The SDS-600 monitors your cash levels, validate bills to prevent acceptance of counterfeits
  • The SDS-600 simplies the verification process to securely store notes protecting you and your employees from theft.

SDS-500 Smart Deposit Solutions


  • Reduce Touchpoints – fewer handlers in the cash handling cycle decreases the chance of error.
  • Automated Processing – prevent misreporting your cash inventory by automating the process.
  • Increased Accountability – monitor deposits and pickups with unique user logins.
  • Counterfeit Prevention – instantly validate with 4-way read validator to protect against counterfeit notes being introduced into your capital.

SDS-600 Smart Deposit Solutions

Benefits to You:

  • Reduce Shrinkage – instantly validate to prevent counterfeits, while automatically processing every note for accurate deposit counts every time.
  • Increase Efficiency – empower your employees to accept larger value notes with confidence and reducing touchpoints, saving your business time and resources.
  • Improve Security – keep your capital safe and monitored using our CashCompleteTM software platform coupled with a range of hardware to fit your needs.

SDS-600 Smart Deposit Solutions

Transform Your Cash Handling:

  • Deposit With The Best – The CashComplete™ SDS-500 is a versatile cash handling solutions
  • With capacity enough to handle the depositing needs of an entire franchise
  • With a small enough foot print to leave room for other demands.
  • With the SDS-500 you will streamline your cash handling process while preventing errors and protecting your business from shrinkage.
  • Bulk and Single Note feed options available.

Superior Financial and Operational Control:

  • CashComplete™ software is the ultimate solution for superior financial and operational control of cash.
  • The management software can be used outside the CashComplete™ device
  • And shared by local departments for faster operations and maintenance.
  • The Enterprise program of CashComplete™ software can be used for central monitoring and connectivity with external store systems for higher automation.
  • Our scalable CashComplete™ solutions allow you to gain full control and get the most out of your cash management solutions.
  • CIT integration – Report generation – POS Integration – Financial control – Monitoring for maximum uptime – Connected to all devices 24/7

SDS-600 Smart Deposit Solutions

Technical Specifications:

Speed 1 banknote per second (in batches)
Storage Capacity 2,000 notes
Validator 4-Way Read, Self-Centering, Single Note Feeder
Width 351.79 mm (13.85 inches)
Height 819.15 mm (32.25 inches)
Depth 660.4 mm (26 inches)
Weight 78.92 kg (174 lbs.)
Power Supply 120 VAC 60 Hz
Regulatory UL Certified and RoHS Compliant



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