Scan Coin 3003 Coin Counter Packager


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Scan Coin 3003 Coin Counter Packager


  • If you regularly have a high volume of coin that either needs to be counted or verified
  • The SC 3003 is what you’ve been looking for.
  • Counting speeds of up to 3,500 coins per minute and sensor technology that makes it almost unaffected by dirt and reside make this coin machine one of the most robust and reliable on the market.


  • The SC-3003 heavy-duty counter/sorter can bag $1,000 in quarters in less than two minutes.
  • Great for large car washes and vending operators.
  • A single coin knob simplifies the coin selection.
  • The SCAN COIN 3003 Universal is a high capacity coin counter and its quality and variety of smart functions are appreciated by thousands of users worldwide.
  • In short, the SC 3003 Universal is considered to be one of the most robust and high quality coin counters on the market today.

Efficient and Reliable Counting:

  • Do you need to count large quantities of coins at a fast rate and still ensure efficient and reliable counting?
  • Then you should get the most robust high quality coin counter on the market.
  • It´s a high capacity coin counter with variety of smart functions that are appreciated by thousands of users worldwide.
  • SC 3003 Universal is considered to be one of the most robust and high quality coin counters on the market today

A high-speed coin counter:

  • The SC 3003 Universal coin counter has been especially developed to count large quantities at a fast rate, ensuring efficient and reliable counting of incoming coins or tokens.
  • Its high capacity, up to 3,500 coins per minute, makes it a popular coin counter at banks and cash centers all over the world.
  • The SC 3003 Universal features an auto-stop when the last coin has passed, and a non-volatile memory allows storage of the counted coins.
  • The automatic off-sorting of smaller coins allows the separation of mixed denominations.

User-friendly performance:

  • The SC 3003 Universal has a wide range of smart functions and accessories to meet a wide variety of requirements.
  • This, together with seven pre-programmed quantity stops and one continuous, makes the SC 3003 Universal a very efficient filling machine, whether applied to coin tubes or bags of different sizes.
  • Changing between tubes and bags is easy using the accessories available.
  • The denominations are easily selected by turning one handle and all actions and settings are clearly monitored at the operator panel.
  • Efficient and ergonomic coin handling is achieved by using the SC 3003 Universal foot-control.
  • All in all, the SC 3003 Universal is a superior performer with many user-friendly possibilities.

State-of-the-art reliability:

  • Trust SC 3003 Universal to consistently deliver accurate results.
  • The electronic inductive sensor guarantees high precision counting while making the SC 3003 Universal virtually unaffected by dirt and grime.
  • This results in reduced wear and cleaning, as well as the prevention of annoying interruptions.
  • The machine also features a built-in function for reversing jammed coins and restarting automatically.


  • Dimensions: Width 295 mm /12” X Depth 595 mm / 23” X Height 245 mm /10”
  • Weight: 17 kg / 37.5 lbs
  • Voltage: 110 / 220 / 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 175 W
  • Speed: up to 3,500 coins /min.
  • Diameter: 15-37 mm /0.59-1.46”
  • Thickness: 1.0-3.5 mm /0.04-0.14”


  • CT 1 Coin tray (2.4 litres)
  • CH 45 Coin hopper (4.5 litres)
  • LCH 45 Large coin hopper (9 litres)
  • IT 1 Inspection tray (7.6 litres)
  • DO 1 Double outlet with bag holder
  • BGS 1 Bag guide with shelf
  • BG 1 Bag guide without shelf
  • FC 3 Foot-control
  • BA 1 Bagging attachment (for the rejected coins)
  • RD 6 Remote display
  • IH 1 Insert holder
  • TI 1 Tubing insert for prefabricated tubes
  • SI 2 Serial interface
  • RS 232 for connection to PC

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