Plasma Ion Currency Sterilizer

CALL FOR PRICING! The Plasma Ion Currency Sterilizer is the World’s First Open-Sterlizer Different only one Developed Steriliztion upon counting bills!


Plasma Ion Currency Sterilizer

Plasma Ion Currency Sterilizer

Currency contamination beyond our imagination!

  • We live in a world of contaminants, germs, viruses, bacteria, etc..
  • Plasma Ion Currency Sterilizer assists against these!
  • All these, plus more, contaminant our currency beyonf imagination!
  • Our currency and other currencies around the world carry over 3,000 different types of germs.
  • Such as viruses, bacteria, food borne pathogens, etc.
  • The currency bills we use and process are made of paper and fiber!
  • Which is one of the best environments for micro-organisms to grow and prosper!

Why do we need it?

  • There is a great need for the Plasma Ion Currency Sterilizer!
  • We are always touching something – wherever we go: work place, school, church, shopping, dining, etc.
  • And the one thing that is in common with almost all these things is money – currency!
  • In a publication of NYU: they stated that the bills have an environment for micro-orgainisms to live in!
  • Furthermore, contaminants don’t only live there, but proliferate!
  • So, over 3,000 different types of germs such as virus, bacteria, general germs, mold, etc., are found there!
  • Note: Disease prevention of financial institute’s employees and National Health Protection due to contamination of bills!
  • Sanitary matters, dust removal!
  • Removal of unknown contaminants of bills!
  • Safe and Healthy Environment for customers and staff!

Applications in general:

  • Bank associates working on the teller-lines – consistently making contact with customers!
  • All employees in financial institute and retail handling money!
  • VIP customers and all customers visiting the financial institutions!
  • All people handling bills (Mart, Department Store, Casion, etc.)

Where to use!

  • Banks, Credit Unions, all types of Markets, Schools, Casinos, Hospitals, Churches, Retail and Wholesale Markets!


  • This is the World’s First Open-Sterlizer Different only one Developed Steriliztion upon counting bills!
  • 20 seconds – 98% / 30 seconds – 99.9%
  • Plasma Ion Cluster – releases 10 Million Ion Clusters!
  • When counting bills – the Plasma Ion Clusters penetrates between bills and sterilizes bills!
  • Applied HEPA Filter to remove fine dust (PM 2.5) on bills!
  • Tilted slot, ergonomic design: easy to insert bills and shoot by camera!
  • Release more than 10 Million of Plasma Ions!
  • High efficiency sterilizing design!
  • Plasma Money Sterilizer operates by auto recognition upon inserting bills!
  • Sem-permanent high efficiency Plasma Money Sterilizer!
  • Built-in commuication UTP and Power Line.
  • Automatic sterilization timer setting.
  • Low maintenance cost!
  • Dedusting – Deodorizing – Decontaminating!
  • Quick and Easy Sterilization using Plasma Ion Cluster technology!
  • Sterilization upon counting bills!
  • Sterilization harmless to human body!
  • Also can be used as a Hand Sterilizer!

Added Functions & Specifications:

  • Anti-bacterial HEPA Filter: Fitted with HEPA Filter removing fine dust (PM2.5) on bills!
  • Auto-recognition Sensor: Works upon inserting bills!
  • Plasma Ion Cluster Vent: Circulating type sterilizationn – release Plasma Ion Cluster!
  • Automatic Timer Setting!
  • UTP/Power: Built-in communication line!
  • Power Input: 110 260 Volt AC 50/60 Hz
  • Power Output: 12 Volt DC 6.3 Amp
  • Automatic Working Time: 10/20/30 Seconds
  • Dimensions: 11.5″ (W) x 17″ (D) x 15″ (H)  /// 293 mm (W) x 432 mm (D) x 382 mm (H)


Plasma Ion Currency Sterilizer






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