Pelican 305 Coin Sorter


The Pelican 305’s are coin counting and sorting machines for sorting of up to 5 denominations and rejection of foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens etc.



New Phoenix, Inc. is a registered supplier to the U.S. Government (Cage Code: 6VDG5)


Pelican 305 Coin Sorter


  • The Pelican can also off-sort unwanted coins or objects from the coin mix.
  • 2 Models to choose from – (with printer and without a built-in Thermal Printer)

Pelican 305 Coin Sorter

  • The Pelican 305+ is a coin counting and sorting machine for sorting of up to 5 denominations
  • And rejection of foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens etc.
  • This machine is tailor-made for countries with few denominations (Sweden, USA etc.).
  • The 305+ is naturally approved by ECB.

Pelican 305 Coin Sorter

A reliable coin counting machine!

  • CT Coin’s 5th generation alloy sensor technology
  • Ensures highest counting accuracy
  • Rejects foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens etc.
  • Ideal for counting/sorting medium volumes of coins fast and accurate.

Pelican 305 Coin Sorter

Magner Pelican 305 Coin Counter Sorter
Magner Pelican 305 Coin Counter Sorter

Improved Features:

  • NEW 24 Volt motor for coin wheel.
  • NEW Front cover.
  • Available in different colors

Pelican 305 Coin Sorter

Pelican 305 S+ 24V offers all the well-known CTcoin advantages

  • Speed: Up to 1100 coins/minute
  • Noise reducing material (30% reduction)
  • Non-sorting or sorting of up to 9 coin denominations
  • Counting of up to 20 different coin denominations
  • Rejection of foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens etc.
  • 2 different coin denominations can be shown in the two line display
  • Tilt sensor for easy cleaning of coin rail
  • Programmable bag stop (by number or weight)
  • Many more
  • The Pelican 305 S+P can also off-sort unwanted coins or objects from the coin mix.
  • In a desktop of full bagging configuration with exact bag stops
    The Pelican 305 S+P offers real value and a low cost of ownership all for mid-range sorting applications.
  • The Pelican 305 S+P Coin Sorter was developed for mixed coin applications that demand high levels of accuracy and reliability.

Pelican 305 Coin Sorter – 

  • The Locking Security Stand is designed to be used with the Pelican 305 S+ and 305 S+P coin sorters
  • To provide secure capture of coins into either canvas or plastic security bags.
  • An inner shelf supports the weight of the bags.
  • A 5-bag manifold with clips for attaching each bag is built into the stand.
  • When coins need to be deposited directly into bags with exact programmable bag stops
  • Or in either Full or Half Federal Reserve bag limits this is the ideal accessory.

Brochure Click Here:  magner_pelican.305s


Pelican 305 Coin Sorter


  • Counting Speed:  Approximately 800 coins/per minute
  • Counting Device:  Alloy sensor
  • Reject Capability:  Automatically off sorts foreign coins, tokens or slugs from the coin mix
  • Display:  LCD, 2 lines, 20 characters
  • Coin Diameter:  .5512 in. to 1.339 in. /(14 mm to 34 mm)
  • Coin Thickness:  Max. .1575 in. (4 mm)
  • Hand Coin Scoop
  • Hopper Capacity:  Approximately 1000 U.S. dimes
  • Batching:  Programmable exact bag stops
  • Sorting Method:  Gravity rail
  • Dimensions:  20.5 in. (W) x 13.2 in. (D) x 18.7 in. (H) / 520 mm (W) x 335 mm (D) x 475 mm (H)
  • Net Weight:  48.4 lbs. (22 kg.)
  • Power Source:  110/220 VAC
  • Power Consumption:  33 Watts; .30 Amps; 24 Volts
  • Temperature Limits:  +41° to +104° F (+5° to +40° C)

Other Standard Features:

  • RS232 communications port
  • Denomination totals at batch and grand levels
  • Battery back-up

Optional Additions:

  • Mounted inspection tray, capacity approximately 3000 U.S. dimes
  • Security bagging stand with manifold and five bag attachments
  • 35 column thermal printer (305 S+P)
  • Tubing drawer for roll coin packaging

Pelican Tubing Inserts:

  • Penny (00-052126-000A)
  • Nickel (00-052126-000B)
  • Dime (00-052126-000C)
  • Quarter (00-052126-000D)
  • Must be used with Magner Pelican Coin Sorter tubing drawer (00-052125-000A) to roll coins
  • All constructed of gray, unbreakable, abrasion-resistant plastic
  • Each insert labeled with appropriate coin name to avoid confusion
  • 1 tubing drawer insert per box
  • For Magner Pelican 305S+ and 305S+P Coin Sorters
  • Dimensions: 4.375 H x coin denomination Diameter


  • Integrated printer
  • external printer
  • external display
  • Interface RS 232 (PC connection)
  • PC keyboard
  • tubing kit
  • bagging kit
  • header and footer programme
  • inspection tray

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Machine Options

Pelican 305 S+, Pelican 305S+P


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