Panini Vision Next Check Scanner VN100-3A-SI-IJ-ID-PG

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Panini Vision NeXt Check Scanner VN100-3A-SI-IJ-ID-PG

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Panini Vision NeXt Check Scanner VN100-3A-SI-IJ-ID-PG

Panini Vision neXt Check Scanner


Quick Points:

  • Featured Model Panini Vision NeXt Check Scanner VN100-3A-SI-IJ-ID-PG
  • The Panini Vision neXt™ provides unparalleled levels of productivity, functionality and ROI
  • The Vision neXt establishes a new performance benchmark for teller, branch and commercial check capture.
  • Enables maximum focus on the Customers
  • Superior ease of use for non-experts
  • Various teller functions in a minimized footprint
  • A bridge towards a paperless future
  • Easy access and maintenance
  • A tool for Branch Transformation

Vision neXt Branch Transformation

Product Description:

  • Panini Vision neXt is the new performance benchmark for distributed capture.
  • The Panini Vision neXt™ provides unparalleled levels of productivity, functionality and ROI.
  • The Vision neXt establishes a new performance benchmark for teller, branch and commercial check capture.
  • By minimizing the effect of the most common variables in check capture — environment, operator, and document quality — the Panini Vision neXt delivers!
  • Enhanced ergonomic design and unsurpassed ease-of-use
  • The Panini neXt allows tellers to maximize their productivity and focus on their customers;
  • Processing speeds capable of satisfying the most time sensitive and demanding check capture environments;
  • Extended capabilities to digitize a wide range of deposit and payment related documents for maximum investment protection.

Key Operations:

  • The Vision neXt features breakthrough innovation and versatile capabilities, such as its unique automatic document alignment system, ID card scanning functionality, exception pocket for real-time sorting and a multi-function 14 line endorsement printer, positioning itself as an enabler of branch transformation and improved customer service and retention.
  • Leveraging the world’s largest installed base and most trusted brand in distributed capture, the Vision neXt provides outstanding total cost of ownership and demonstrable savings, backed by Panini’s world-class service and support capabilities.

 Recommended Applications:

  • Teller Image Capture
  • Branch Image Capture
  • Post Offices
  • Financial, Retail, Casino and Government Services


  • 100 or 160 documents per minute (dpm) throughput based on 6” check specification.
  • Automatic document feeder with patented Advanced Auto-Alignment (3A) mechanism for maximum ease of use with minimized document preparation.
  • Ultrasonic double feed detection for superior reliability against real & false double feeds.
  • Advanced MICRPlus® magnetic reading including OCR correction – bundled with API for optimal MICR read accuracy.
  • Grayscale or color duplex scanning in multiple resolution settings (100, 200, or 300 dpi), for maximum imaging flexibility.
  • Optional OCR decoding, Barcodes decoding, IQA library.
  • 14-line AGP (Advanced Graphic Printer) for rich item endorsement (multi-line text, graphics or intermixed), validation, cut sheet receipts, cashier’s check and more – with unique cartridge capping and cleaning mechanism.
  • 4-line AGP and single-line rear ink jet versions also available.
  • Automatic inkjet cartridge detection and ink level monitoring.
  • Integrated front-feed ID card duplex scanning.
  • Integrated exception pocket for real-time physical sorting of foreign items, incorrectly fed items, or other processing exceptions.
  • Swing-open covers for full paper track access and easier maintenance.
  • USB 2.0 connectivity with Microsoft WHQL certification for device recognition and simplified implementation.
  • Unified API (Vision API), in common with other Panini platforms.
  • Expandable with multi-function options: inset 3-port USB hub, thermal receipt printer (stackable of free positioning) – providing further compelling benefits for teller applications.

Product Details:

  • Warranty:  One Year
  • Manufacturer:  Panini
  • Model # VN100-3A-SI-IJ-ID-PG

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