Maverick MX-3 MICR Check Encoder

The Maverick MX-3 MICR Check Encoder has been discontinued – it’s been updated to the NEW MX-3 Touch


Maverick MX-3 MICR Check Encoder

Maverick MX-3 MICR Check Encoder

Maverick MX-3 Item Exception MICR Check Encoder

BEEN DISCONTINUED – Maverick MX-3 MICR Check Encoder



  • The Maverick MX-3’s state-of-the-art circuitry, which includes USB2 communications
  • And a ARM processor, allows you to encode twice as fast as a MICR III.
  • This compact robust encoder will meet your requirements
  • For an accurate and reliable MICR exception item encoder.
  • Simply key the information, drop the document
  • And the MX-3 will encode the MICR code-line exactly to ANSI specification.
  • Program functions  directly through the keyboard, snap in a ribbon
  • And begin encoding with minimal operator training.
  • The space saving MX-3 has a footprint about the size of a piece of paper
  • And will allow you to improve customer service by encoding items at the branch level.
  • By encoding documents such as lobby deposits, counter checks, bonds, and repairing items for  reprocessing
  • The MX-3 will save valuable time and money by allowing you to present qualified items to the proof department.
  • With minimal space requirements, this MICR encoder provides the optimal cost effective solution for exception item encoding.

Maverick MX-3 Exception Item Check Encoder


  • MX-3 check encoder is a compact robust encoder that was designed to be a low cost, low to medium volume
  • MX-3 is a reliable Exception Item encoder.
  • MX-3 check encoder allows you to program functions directly though the keyboard
  • And begin encoding with minimal operator training.
  • Eliminate training cost and lost time associated with programming changes that must be done at the factory.
  • Service your exception needs such as temporary checks, lobby deposits, counter checks, ledger and header cards
  • And repair items with a MX-3.
  • Simply key-in the information, encode the item and eliminate secondary processing at the reader/sorter.

Maverick MX-3 MICR Check Encoder

Maverick MX-3 MICR Check Encoder


  • Speed: 45 dpm
  • Length: 13.25  inches
  • Width: 8  inches
  • Height: 3.5  inches
  • Weight: 4.25  lbs.
  • Display:  20 character, 2-line alphanumeric Backlit LCD
  • Ribbon:  Average yield of 25,000 – 30,000 characters
  • Power:  120 VAC, wall mount transformer (or) 100-240 VAC in-line desktop
  • Memory:  Non-Volitale, FLASH ROM
  • Encode Capability:  65 character/full fill
  • Font:  E13B (other fonts available)

IMPORTANT WORK-SHEET:  Check_Encoder_Program_Work_Sheet.newphoenix.1

  • All custom manufactured product is subject to an over or under run of up to 10%. Sorry, no returns on custom and made-to-order products.

MICR – magnetic ink character recognition


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