Magner CoinStream CDS Models 501 and 701 Basic Lobby Coin Counters

Magner CoinStream CDS Models 501 and 701 Basic Lobby Coin Counters

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Magner CoinStream CDS Models 501 and 701 Basic Lobby Coin Counters

The CDS 501 and CDS 701 are basic mixed coin output systems that capture coin in either bags or a high-capacity mixed coin vault.

Description & Features

“Premium is defined by performance”, not by size, speed or price. Bottom line … Magner’s outstanding “Price/Performers” provide you with a product your depositors can really count on, minimize the involvement of your tellers in handling coin transactions, and provide the lowest total cost of ownership over the equipment’s useful life.

CoinStream CDS501 – Baggers

CoinStream CDS 709 – Full Sort Self Service Coin Benefits

Input Console

  • An easy-to-read and understand four-line (by 20 characters per line) backlit LCD display provides customer prompting through the entire transaction, with instructions in English and Spanish, plus error status messaging
  • User friendly two-button operation with illuminated Green and Red Buttons
  • Automatic coin feeding mechanism ensures optimum feeding of coins and eliminates the need for customers to manually “scrape or push” coins into the machine, reducing chance of customer injury or infection

Full 6-Denomination Coin Counting and Sorting Section

  • Operates at proven optimum throughput speed of 600 coins per minute
  • Features highly jam-free operation
  • Coins are counted utilizing advanced alloy sensor technology which automatically rejects mutilated coins,foreign coins, and slugs during the counting process, rejected coins are returned to the customer
  • Patented automatic debris ejection system removes non-coin material and debris after each customer transaction, routing it to a trash receptacle
  • Continuous cleaning mechanism removes sand, pebbles and other small objects
  • Counts all six U.S. coin denominations, 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢ and $1 (SBA/Golden), programmable for up to 20 denominations including foreign coins and tokens
  • Key lock controls access to counter/sorter section, paper roll and coin bagging section
  • “Pull-out” shelf design allows easy access to counting/sorting section for routine service and cleaning
  • Acoustical insulation in cabinet plus noise-reducing materials in sorting and bagging sections provides the quietest operation available

Bag Management Section

  • Full access to bagging section from the front of the machine for easy bag changeover
  • Coin outlets for fully sorted coin accommodate direct output into nine coin bags. Bag dividers allow easy removal of full bags
  • Bag stops are fully programmable, exact, and can be set for either pieces or weight
  • Automatic bag switching between multiple same denomination bags. Flexible bagging configuration can be changed on site to suit your usage requirements, i.e., assign four bags for heavy penny volume or three bags for heavy quarter volume, eliminate the fifty cent and dollar bags and reprogram additional bags of the more prevalent denominations for a specific branch location

Receipt and Report Output

  • High-speed thermal receipt printer uses security paper with special top coating and UV-reactive ink to deter amount alterations or fraudulent receipt duplication
  • Easy to read receipt can be customized with name, address, etc., of organization
  • Dual service fee percentages are fully programmable
  • Grand totals of pieces and value are accumulated by denomination
  • Summary report indicates full breakdown of coins processed
  • Transaction log recaps all customer transactions
CPS 502 & 702 Offer…

• Unique sorter design separates the penny from the higher value coins.

• Eliminates up to 70% of the piece counting necessary during back office or third party balancing resulting in significantly lower operating costs.

• Optional dual bagging adapters fill a total of 4 coin bags.

• Two (optional) Large Capacity Coin Vaults capture pennies separate from the mixed ‘silver’ coins.

CDS 501 & 701 Offer…

• Output to a single coin bag is standard.

• Accommodates full or half Federal Reserve standard sizes in either canvas or plastic.

• Output options include a dual bag adapter or a High-Capacity Mixed Coin Vault.

Optional Additions

  • All Stainless Finish
  • Custom Colors Wraps
  • Custom Enclosures
  • Signage and Graphics
  • Ten-Key Pad
  • Magnetic Card Reader
  • RS232 Interface and Host
  • Communication Software
  • Rear Access Model with Keyboard, Display and Printer


  • Net Weight: 275 lbs.
  • Sign Weight: 17 lbs.
  • Power Source: 110/220 VAC
  • Battery Back-up
  • Temperature Limits: +41° to +104°F
  • Sound Level: 60 db
  • Accuracy: 99.995%
  • Cabinet & Deck: Stainless Steel
  • Standard CDS 709 Finish: Black & Stainless
  • Other Models Available Offering Traditional Cabinets & Mixed Coin Output to Bags or Vaults





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