Kobra 400 S5 All Purpose Shredder

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The Kobra 400 S5 All Purpose is a high volume shredder which can handle a large quantity of work making it ideal for use by both offices and departments.

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Kobra 400 S5 All Purpose Shredder

Kobra 400 S5 is a all-purpose heavy-duty high-volume strip cut shredder



  • It can handle a large quantity of work making it ideal for use by both offices and departments.
  • It is a level-2 security shredder that can shred paper, optical media (CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays), floppy disks, credit cards, paper clips, and staples.
  • It has a handsome shredding capacity.
  • It can shred 60 papers, 5 credits cards, and 3 CD/DVDs at a time!
  • High workload requires a large bin such as the one that comes with the 400 S5 office shredder.
  • The Kobra 400 S5 strip cut shredder features an ‘Energy Smart’ power management system.
  • This environment friendly system reduces utility costs saving you money. It automatically places the shredder in standby mode when idle.
  • The office shredder is a ‘Super Potential Power Unit’ and delivers top performance by using a heavy duty chain drive with steel gears.
  • This strip cut shredder comes with caster wheels so that you can move it easily from one department to another.


  •  24 hours continuous duty motor
  • Heavy duty chain drive with steel gears “SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNIT”
  • Automatic Start/Stop through electronic eyes
  • Automatic Stop when shred bag is full and electronic door safety switch
  • Automatic Stop and reverse in case of paper jams
  • Carbon hardened cutting head takes staples and paper clips
  • 53-gallon high quality steel cabinet
  • Mounted on casters
  • Motor thermal protection
  • Trade Agreement Act (TAA) Compliant
  • Accessories: plastic waste bags (50 pcs./box) code n. SB-35, oil (a 7 Oz oil bottle) code n. SO-1032, computer form top shelf code n. SH-400


Can Shred:
Papers Papers Staples Staples
Paper Clips Paper Clips Credit Cards Credit Cards
CDs-DVDs CDs/DVDs  Floppy-Disk





  • Input (Throat) Size:  16″
  • Sheet Capacity:  1 – 60 Sheets
  • Speed:  30 feet per/minute
  • Security Level:  Level 2
  • Security Level DIN 66399: P-2 O-2 T-2 E-2
  • Security Level DIN 32757: 2
  • Shreddable Material: Paper, Credit Cards, Credit Cards with chip, CD/DVD’s, Floppy Disks, USB pen drive
  • Motor Power:  2.8 HP
  • Noise Level Output:  60 dba
  • Duty Cycle:  Continuous
  • Auto Start/Stop:  Yes
  • Open Door / Bin Full Stop:  Yes
  • Bag Full Stop:  Yes
  • Waste Bag Volume:  53 Gallons
  • Shred Micro-film:  No
  • Dimensions:  33.5″ X 23.4″ X 19.0″
  • Weight:  209 lbs.

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Weight 209 lbs


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