Kobra 400 HS6 Combi Auto-Oiler Shredder

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Suitable for combined high security shredding operations of Optical Media (CDs, DVDs including 80 mm mini disks, Blue-Ray Disk and credit cards) and “Top Secret” documents

Kobra Accessories

New Phoenix, Inc. is a registered supplier to the U.S. Government (Cage Code: 6VDG5)


Kobra 400 HS6 Combi Auto-Oiler Shredder

  • Level 6 High Security Government Shredder



  • Optical Media & Document High Security Shredder
  • Meets NSA/CSS specifications 02-01 for documents
  • Meets NSA/CSS specifications 04-02 for optical media
  • NSA/DOD Approved Level 6 Shredder
  • Listed on NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL) Includes Automatic Oiler
  • Energy Smart zero power consumption in stand-by mode
  • Chain driven with steel gears
  • Combination High Security Shredder – Paper & Optical Media
  • Automatic start/stop through electronic eyes
  • Casters
NSA Approved

Kobra 400 HS6 Combi Auto-Oiler Shredder


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400 HS6 Combi Auto Oiler Brochure

Product Description:

  • NSA/CSS Approved – DOD Level 6 High Security Shredder
  • Suitable for combined high security shredding operations of Optical Media –
  •  (CDs, DVDs including 80 mm mini disks, Blue-Ray Disk and credit cards) and “Top Secret” documents.
  • Kobra 400 HS-COMBI can shred up to 1500 optical media per hour through the special 1.5×2.5 mm cutting system
  • Which is the highest security level today available for optical media, meeting Military and Governments shredding needs.
  • Shreds an optical media disk into over 3000 microchips which exceeds the Optical Media Destruction Devices guidelines
  • And the ASIO T-4 standards for TOP SECRET level destruction of Optical Media.
  • The tiny size of the shreds doesn’t allow to retrieve or read any information left on small optical media particles
  • Even through specific and dedicated electronic equipment.

Kobra 400 HS6 Combi Auto-Oiler Shredder


  • The Kobra 400 HS6 COMBI is also equipped with a second cutting system with the 0.8 x 5 mm cut (Level 6)
  • Providing high security shredding of “Top Secret” documents.
  • The special integrated automatic oiling system automatically lubricates cutting knives
  • During the operation of the shredder for continuous maximum shredding capacity.
  • The Kobra 400 HS6 COMBI comes with an automatic oiling system as a standard feature.
  • Unlike other oilers from other manufacturers, the Kobra 400 HS6 COMBI comes installed inside the shredding head with all internal components.
  • The oil reservoir is also internal and is held in a special mounting bracket inside the shredder cabinet.
  • The auto-oiler oils the cutting heads in specific timing intervals based on usage
  • And will keep the cutting blades clean, lubricated and at their maximum efficiency at all times.
  • The oiler will also activate a signal light on the operations panel
  • And will notify the user when the oil level is low to guarantee continuous oiling operation.
  • The oil reservoir will hold one quart of oil and can be refilled or replaced conveniently.
  • Powerful high security shredder with the highest capacity
  • And a 16 inch throat to shred high volumes of Classified and Top Secret documents.
  • The special cut of 0.8 mm x5 mm meets the latest shredding Standards
  • Issued by the National Security Agency (NSA/CSS Specification 02-01) of the US Government.
  • An A4 sheet of paper is shredded into 16,500 micro-shreds
  • Which become absolutely unreadablEeven if special electronic optical microscopes are used.
  • Suitable for combined high security shredding of Optical Media and “Top Secret” documents

Extra Performaqnce Features:

  • Special 1.5 x 2.5 mm cutting system for Optical Media
  • Second cutting system with a 0.8 x 5 mm cut for “Top Secret” documents
  • “Automatic Oiling System”: automatically lubricates cutting knives
  • “ENERGY SMART” management system for zero power consumption in Stand-by mode
  • 24 hour continuous duty motor no over-heatings, no duty cycles
  • “Automatic Reverse System” in case of jamming
  • Heavy duty chain drive with steel gears “SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNIT”
  • Strong and reusable 80 liter cloth bag for Optical Media shreds
  • Recyclable 110 liter plastic bag for paper shreds
  • Placed inside a steel cabinet mounted on casters
  • Automatic Start/Stop through electronic eyes

Easy Operations:

  • Automatic Stop when bag is full and electronic door safety switch
  • Motor thermal protection
  • Shreds up to 10 sheets/pass
  • Noise Level: 60 db
  • Optical Media Shred Bin: 21.1 gallons
  • Paper Shred Bin: 29 gallons
  • Media Throat width: 5.12″
  • Approved by the NSA on March 29, 2010

Kobra 400 HS6 Combi Auto-Oiler Shredder


Manufactured In Italy
Manufacturer Kobra
Manuf Part # 400 hs6 combi
Model 400 HS6 Combi
Weight 247 lbs.
Dimensions 23 5/8″ Wide x 19″ Deep x 36 5/8″ Height
Bag Size SB-30
Shipping Weight 247 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 36″x 48″x 36″
Warranty Limited 90 Day Warranty on Shredder, 1 Year on Cutting Blades
NSA Approved Listed on NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL), NSA/CSS Recommended, NSA/CSS Spec 02-01, NSA/CSS Spec 04-02
Special Info NSA Approved
Cut Type high security
Security Level Level 6  (0.8 x 5 mm cut)
Shred Width .8 mm
Shred Length 5 mm
Sheet Capacity (maximum) 10
Bin Capacity (gal) 29
Throat Size 9.44
Shred Speed (Feet/Minute) 30
Can Shred: CDs, Credit Cards, DVDs, Paper
Horse Power 2.8
Continuous Motor Yes
Auto Oiler Included
Voltage 100 – 120 Volts (Standard)

Additional information

Weight 247 lbs

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