Kobra 360-EM Office Guillotine

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This 14″ guillotine trimmer includes a built-in safety guard attached to the blade.

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Kobra 360-EM Office Guillotine


Kobra 360-EM Office Guillotine


  • The Kobra 360-EM Office Guillotine is part of the entry level models of the Kobra guillotine line.
  • High performances desk-top guillotine with manual paper press.
  • Equipped with the innovative “SUPER CUT” system featuring special carbon hardened steel blades and counter-blades.
  • They are unaffected by the wearing action of the materials to cut, for long-lasting cutting operations with the same cutting precision through the years.

Kobra 360-EM Office Guillotine


• Manual paper press
• Metal built-in safety guard
• Carbon hardened steel precision blade and counter blade
• Adjustable back gauge
• Solid steel base with screen printed paper sizes in mm. and inches
• High quality materials according to ISO 9000 Standards
• Built in accordance to the Safety Standards BS 5498 (British Standards)
• Accessories: upper steel blade code AA-3002, counter blade code n. AA-3001


Kobra 360-EM Office Guillotine

Function & Performence:

  • Kobra guillotines are equipped with the Kobra exclusive “Super Cut”system featuring special carbon hardened steel blades.
  • This revolutionary design and manufacturing process produces blades that are practically unaffected by the materials being cut.
  • Therefore provides a smooth and precise cutting operation for many years.
  • A major component of the “Super Cut” system is the high quality 65-degree sharpening angle of the cutting blades
  • Which delivers smooth, accurate and reliable cuts.
  • The “Super Cut” system is a standard feature on all Kobra guillotines.
  • From the entry level Kobra 360 EM up to the professional model 550 AP.
  • The Kobra “Super Cut” system guarantees accuracy, smoothness and durability.
  • All Kobra guillotines and rotary trimmers are manufactured with the highest quality materials.
  • And according to the internationally recognized ISO 9000 standards and guidelines for quality.
  • Cutting paper, photographs and many other hobby and professional materials is now easier.
  • With the new state of the art technology of Guillotines and rotary trimmers from Kobra.
  • Rotary trimmers are mainly used to cut paper, photographs, film or foil.
  • The cut is accurate, quick, burr-free and in both directions.
  • Guillotines are designed for almost any cutting job and for a variety of materials.

Kobra 360-EM Office Guillotine


  • Cutting Width:  14 in.
  • Cutting Capacity:  Up to 18 sheets
  • Paper Clamp:  Manual
  • Safety Guard:  Yes
  • Dimensions:  12 inches x 16 inches
  • Weight:  9 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 11 lbs.


Additional information

Weight 21.00 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 6 in


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