Kobra 270 TS C2 Office Shredder

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Kobra 270 TS C2 office cross-cut shredder is an all around performer that offers great security as well as high speed processing.


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Kobra 270 TS C2 Office Shredder

A Touch Screen Cross Cut Level 4 Office Shredder



  • Office cross-cut shredder is an all around performer that offers great security as well as high speed processing.
  • It offers secure level-4 shredding.
  • This cross-cut shredder supports an intuitive touch screen panel allowing the operator to use different functions of the unit.
  • It can shred up to 17 sheets of paper (including paper clips and staple pins) at a time.
  • With lubricated cutting knives, this office shredder can slice through optical media (CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays) and credit cards with ease.
  • The precision-engineered blades allow for high shred loads with low power consumption.


  • The Kobra 270 TS C2  cross cut shredder has an intelligent EPC (Electronic Power Control) system that displays the shredding load in real-time
  • Thereby allowing the operator to improve the efficiency of the unit.
  • This is augmented by an ‘Energy Smart’ management system that switches the shredder into standby mode after 8 seconds of inactivity
  • And shuts its down after 4 hours of idle time. This office consumes zero energy in standby mode.
  • Like most Kobra shredders, the 270 TS C2 features an automatic start/stop feature resulting in hassle-free operation.
  • This cross-cut shredder has two 29-gallon wastebaskets that separately hold paper and plastic waste.
  • A handy automatic reverse system circumvents any paper jams and blockages.
  • An optional ‘Automatic Oiling System’ keeps the cutting blades lubricated reducing the overall cost of maintenance.
  • A ‘Shred Guard’ also protects the Kobra 270 TS C2  shredder from damage that can be caused by different metal objects.


  • This machines ships in two packages.
  • Shreds up to 17 sheets of paper at a time (cross cut rated capacity with lubricated cutting knives), CDs, DVDs, credit cards
  • 24 hour continuous duty motors: no duty cycle or timed cool down periods
  • Carbon hardened cutting knives unaffected by staples and metal clips
  • New high precision design of cutting knives allows high shred loads with low power consumption
  • Optional AUTOMATIC OILING SYSTEM: automatically lubricates cutting knives

Product Description:

  • Touch Screen Panel: all controls are activated by simply touching the panel.
  • Keep your finger on the “forward” control for 5 seconds
  • And the machine will operate for 30 seconds when transparent material needs to be shredded.
  • “EPC – Electronic Power Control”: shows the shredding load required to optimise shredding without jams
  • New blade edges for the carbon hardened cutting knives which are unaffected by staples and clips
  • Make it possible to achieve high shred loads with low power consumption
  • “ENERGY SMART”: is the most advanced energy saving system around.
  • When the machine has not been used for just eight seconds, the shredder goes into automatic power saving stand-by mode
  • And can be restarted by simply inserting material into the machine to be shredded.
  • When the machine has not been used for four hours, it automatically disconnects from the mains power supply
  • And even switches off the Energy Smart light so the machine is not left on when nobody is in the office.
  • “SUPER POTENTIAL POWER SYSTEM”: sturdy steel gears’ and metal chain drive system which offers superior reliability
  • And resistance to wear in comparison with cheaper plastic chain drive systems
  • “AUTOMATIC REVERSE SYSTEM”: comes on when too much material is inserted into the shredder
  • And puts the machine into automatic reverse
  • And HS shredders can be fitted with a built-in automatic oiling system
  • Which eliminates the need for manual oiling of cutting knives
  • “SHRED GUARD – METAL DETECTION SYSTEM”: warns when metal objects of any size are accidentally inserted into the entry opening
  • And stops the machine before they reach the cutting knives.
  • An illuminated optical indicator warns the operator to remove these objects in order to protect the knives
  • Two sets of cutting knives for separate shredding of paper, CDs, DVDs and credit cards
  • And separating the shredded material into two bins
  • Two distinct bags for separating shredded paper from plastic shreds


 KOBRA-270-TS-C2 Brochure


Country of Origin Italy
Manufacturer Kobra
Manuf Part # 270TSC2
Model 270 TS C2
Weight 101 lbs.
Dimensions 35.2″H x 21.2″W x 17.2″D
Bag Size SB-30
Warranty Limited 1 Year Warranty on Shredder,5 Years on Cutting Blades
Cut Type Cross-Cut
Security Level 4
Shred Width 3/32″
Shred Length 5/8″
Sheet Capacity (maximum) 17 sheets
Bin Capacity (gal) 29
Throat Size 10.6 inches
Shred Speed (Feet/Minute) 15
Can Shred: CDs, Credit Cards, DVDs, Paper
Horse Power 3/4
Continuous Motor Yes
Voltage 100 – 120 Volt (Standard)
Noise Level (db) 54/55 dba


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Weight 105 lbs