Klopp CMB Manual Coin Counter Bagger

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Klopp CMB Manual Coin Counter Bagger will count and bag one type of coin or token at a speed of 1,400 pieces/min.

Choose Your Coin or Token

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   Klopp CMB Manual Coin Counter Bagger

  • One Coin/Token only (up to 1.125″ in diameter)
  • KLOPP Models CMB & CEB come stadard with (1) Universal Coin Bagging Tube
  • Note: Please specify coin type or token size when ordering
  • Klopp CMB Manual Coin Counter Bagger
  • Item # 9033


Klopp CMB Manual Coin Counter Bagger

  • KLOPP’s New Bagging Machines will count and bag one type of coin at a speed of 1,200 pieces/min.
  • Available in Manual (CMB) or Electric (CEB) models.
  • The CMB and CEB Bagging Machines consist of the same heavy-duty construction as the standard machines, minus its multiple coin wrapping capabilities.

These machines bag one type of coin only, which you specify.

  • This, along with its portability, makes it a perfect machine for replenishing your bill changers or filling your bank bags for deposit.
  • Machines are equipped with a bagging tube attachment for bagging your coin.
  • Include a 1-year warranty of parts and labor.
  • Made in the USA.
Klopp CMB Manual Coin Counter Bagger




     Klopp CMB One-Coin Counter

Klopp CMB Manual Coin Counter Bagger


  • Construction – Cast aluminum and hardened steel.
  • Finish – Durable, easy to clean powder coating.
  • Coin Tray – Folds to protect the controls from dirt or damage when not in use.
  • The balanced handle attached to the tray makes it easy to carry or store the counter.
  • Meter – Five (5) digit resettable.
  • Bagging Tubes – A bagging tube (not a wrapping tube) must always be used when counting into a bag.
  • Counts – 1,800 coins per minute or can fill a bank wrapper in 4 seconds. Hinged coin tray holds approximately 3000 coins.
  • Denominations – Counts and bags one coin only up to 1.125″ in diameter
  • Dimensions – W-10″, H-12″ , D-10″ (Closed) —- D-20″ (Open)
  • Weight – 14 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight – 19 lbs.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 12 × 12 in

Counts and Bags (1) one type of coin. (Customers Specify)


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