Klopp CECR4 C2 Counter Crimper

$1,840.00 $1,545.00

The Klopp CECR4 C2 Counter Crimper with you choosing 4 crimp heads of your choice!

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Klopp CECR4 C2 Counter Crimper

  • Canadian Combination Electric Counter CE and Crimper (4 Crimping Heads and Rack)
  •  Item # 9048
  • CECR4-C2 – Canandian $2, 1 1/8″ Token, $1, 25, 5 in diameter
  • (NO Dime, NO Penny) 



  • The new Klopp CE (electric cutter) CR (crimper) is an efficient Counter
  • And Crimper that is perfect for use by anyone who handles money on a daily basis.
  • This counter can be used to count, fill coin wrappers and crimp them with a professional crimp seal.
  • Different crimping heads are available for different size coins being counted.
  • This device is easy to set up and operate. It can also be easily moved from one area to another.
  • Order your Klopp CECR4-C2 coin counter crimper today!

Klopp CECR4 C2 Counter Crimper 


  • It counts, wraps and/or bags US Coins and tokens.
  • A crimping mechanism on the side of the machine allows the operator to apply professionally crimped seals
  • To your coin wrappers.
  • Pre-crimped (shotgun) and (flat) style wrappers.
  • Machine can be used on both.
  • Available with (4) crimping heads of your choice.
  • Token and foreign crimping heads available upon request.
  • A Storage Rack for the crimping heads is included when ordering more than (1) crimping head.

Klopp CECR4 C2 Counter Crimper 


  • Processes 1,800 coins per minute and can fill a bank wrapper in 4 seconds.
  • Coin tray holds approximately 3000 coins.
  • Dimensions: Width – 10″, Height – 12″, Depth – 16″ closed, D-21″ open.
  • Weight: 23 lbs. / shipping weight 28 lbs.
  • Motor: 1/30 hp, 115 Volts, 60 Hz cycle  –  (220 Volts / 50 Hz optional)
  • Denominations: counts, wraps or bags CAD $2, $, 25¢, 5¢,  + 1 1/8″ token.
  • Also, other coins or tokens up thru 28.5 mm (1.125″) in diameter and 2 mm (.080″) in thickness on request.

Klopp CECR4 C2 Counter Crimper 

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