Hyundai MIB Model SB-3000 3-Pocket Fitness Sorter

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Hyundai MIB Model SB-3000 3-Pocket Fitness Sorter

Hyundai MIB Model SB-3000 3-Pocket Fitness Sorter

Hyundai MIB Model SB-3000 3-Pocket Fitness Sorter



KEY SET-UP for 3-Pocket Fitness:

  • One Pocket for Fit Notes
  • One Pocket for Unfit Notes
  • One Pocket for Reject


Quick Points:

  • SB-3000 is 3 pocket fitness sorter, which can count not only cash but also checks and tickets (not available).
  • Features include the world’s smallest 3-pocket fitness sorter
  • Most intelligent and reliable Counting Machine using Image Processing Technology to recognize notes.
  • Able to discriminate between different denominations quickly and accurately.
  • The 3000 has various and useful functions and keeps up with growing customers’ demand.
  • With modern design, 5” TFT Color LCD and user-friendly interface
  • Provides every operator with more comfortable and efficient working environment.
  • 3 pockets allow operator to perform daily cash processing job.
  • Process of sorting banknotes by quality, denomination and counterfeit without any interruption.
  • Easy maintenance – Rotatable wheel at the bottom – Great Tape Detection performance

Hyundai MIB Model SB-3000 3-Pocket Fitness Sorter

TITO (voucher, ticket) Management System

  • SB-3000 can also handle TITO (tickets, voucher).
  • First, it scans and acknowledges gaming machine ID and amount.
  • Second, it sends scanned images and analyzed ID, amount and so on (customized on request) into PC.
  • Third, TITO SW (in PC) stores voucher images with analyzed info.
  • Finally, TITO SW (PC program) can send the info to Voucher server.
TITO (Voucher) Management System


  • Fitness Sorting : Tape, Dog-ear, Soil, Tear, Hole, Graffiti, Stamp etc.
  • Multi-Currencies Capability: Can be configured with up to 10 Currencies
  • Operation Modes: Mixed / Single / Face / Orient / Count / (Issue / SRL / P-OCR)
  • Count Modes: Mixed / Single / Count / Face / Orient / Fitness /
    (Option: Issue / Serial No. Recognition & Comparison)
  • New Type of Stacker: Lift Type
  • Enhanced Sensors: CIS(Option: 2 CIS) / Magnetic/ UV / IR / Mechanical Roller Tape Detector
  • User Friendly: Resistive Touch Screen + Hard Key
  • 5″ TFT Color LCD
  • Multi Language support

Check Management System

Key advantages of Check/Cash management system of SB-3000 are:

  • The SB-3000 can handle 3 tasks (check scan, cash counting, counterfeit detecting).
  • Very possible benefit of decreasing your purchase budget
  • With the ability to speed up the task processing time and labor.
  • All-in-one application machine – by replacing 3 products with 1 product – will save space.
  • A matter of thinking and saving – instead of maintaining 3 machines – use 1.
  • Unit has a blacklist function, serial number of counterfeit banknotes.
  • Therefore the blacklist function can further enhance counterfeit detecting capability.

Hyundai MIB Model SB-3000 3-Pocket Fitness Sorter



Easy Maintenance

  • SB-3000 is easy to remove jam and guides how to remove jam with video clip.



  • Dimension: 12″ (W) x 13″ (D) x 15″ (H) / 306 (W) X 334 (D) X 380 (H) mm
  • Weight (Net): Approx. 39.8 lbs / 18 kgs
  • Power: 110-240 Volt / 50-6- Hz / 2.0 Amp
  • Bank Note Size: 100 – 185 mm (W) / 50 – 90 mm (H)
  • Bank Note Thickness: 0.07 – 0.12 mm
  • Number of Pockets: 2 + 1 (Reject)
  • Hopper Capacity: Max. 700 notes
  • Stacker Capacity: Max. 200 notes
  • Reject Capacity: Max. 100 notes
  • Counting Speed: 700/ 1000 notes per/minute
  •  Interface: 3 RS-323 (9-Pin D Sub & 2 RJ 11) / 2 USB LAN Interface

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