Formax FD 676 Industrial Burster


The FD 676 Continuous Forms Burster is a comprehensive solution for high volume producers.

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FD 676 Accessories & Service Contract

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Formax FD 676 Industrial Burster

Continuous Forms High-Volume Industrial Burster – Base


Formax FD 676 Industrial Burster

Quick Points:

  • Burst up to 500 fpm
  • Continuous operation, 24/7
  • Steel upper rollers
  • Output conveyor
  • Trim Size: up to 1 inches
  • Form Size: 2 3/4 – 19 W; 2 3/4 – 17 L inches
  • Speed: 30 – 500 feet/minute
  • Paper Weight: up to 140 lbs
  • Electrical: 115 V
  • Dim: 58″ L x 41″ W x 56″ H
  • Weight: 428 lbs


  • Bursting forms is a time consuming process if it is not automated properly.
  • High volume producers turn to the FD 676 Continuous Forms Burster as an ideal solution.
  • This is because it can run continuously, and for seven days a week.
  • It will tackle up to 500 forms per minute, and is a totally adjustable machine.
  • The FD 676 Continuous Forms Burster will tackle forms up to 17″ in length and as small as 2.375″ in width.
  • Bursting forms that have up to eight parts each, this machine will manage paper weights of up to 140 pound card stock.
  • The Formax 676 uses full safety interlocks to ensure the safest operating conditions, and features poly rollers at the infeed with a powerful conveyor at the end of processing.
  • This model comes equipped with tractor feed as well and features the full-sized cabinet too.
  • Sized appropriately for any business or office setting, the FD 676 is only 58″ in length and 41″ wide.
  • Because the cabinet features heavy duty casters, this heavy machine (428 pounds) can be wheeled to various locations if needed, though this is a very substantial weight.
  • The cabinet is designed to hold large quantities of continuous feed forms and the output tray can be upgraded to a merger if needed.

Two high-volume industrial bursters are available to process large bursting jobs at speeds up to 500 feet per minute while slitting, separating and stacking the forms. Standard features include slitters, tractor feed, safety interlocks, stand and a conveyor unit. A power drop-stacker can be added to enhance productivity.

The FD 676 is the standard model, while the FD 680 adds an imprinter. Each high-volume unit is capable of continuous operation, 7 days a week.

Formax FD 676 Industrial Burster


  • The FD 676 Continuous Forms Burster is a large scale solution for those who handle massive bursting procedures, but it can be enhanced with a large number of features or options.
  • For example, it can feature a static eliminator that will help when forms are fed into the optional merger.
  • It can also be equipped with a photo cell counter to keep accurate track of the number of forms handled.
  • The FD 676 can also cut down on operating costs by featuring a last form shut off switch as well.
  • Those that need imprinting can also fit their machines with cylinders for printing and use the tri-color ink roll too.
  • There is crash imprinting available as well.
  • The FD 676 Continuous Forms Burster is a comprehensive solution for high volume producers.
  • It can be relied upon as a standalone solution, and can be enhanced with effective options and additional gear.
  • It will deliver the results required and demand only an economical amount of floor space to handle such a vital part of many business needs.
  • This is a safe and reliable choice for many different settings and can be called upon for the largest jobs.

Formax FD 676 Brochure

Formax FD 676 Industrial Burster

High Volume Industrial Bursters


  • Speed:  30 – 350 feet per/minute
  • Max Form Size:  19″ X 17″
  • Min Form Size:  2.75″ X 2.75″
  • Slitting Capability:  Yes
  • Optional Center Slitter:  Yes
  • Weight:  428 Lbs.
  • Height:  56″
  • Width:  58″
  • Depth:  41″
  • Voltage:  115 Volts – Other Voltages Available
  • Warranty:  90-day limited warranty, excluding wearables
  • Shipping Weight:  550 Lbs.


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