DocuGem R125 Cutting Stick

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The DocuGem R125 Cutting Stick is used as a guiding component on the DocuGem R-125 Paper Cutter.

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DocuGem R125 Cutting Stick

(1) Stick per box

Overview of the Cutting Stick:

  • If the last sheet of the paper pile does not cut through, even though the knife adjustment has already been adjusted, the cutting stick should be changed or rotated.
  • The cutting stick can be used twice on each side, which means you can rotate each stick 8 times.
  • The cutting stick fits into the system table and can be lifted out using a screw driver.
  • The pins in the base of the systems table hold the cutting sticks, by securing the holes on each end of the stick onto the pins.
  • Please note. When the cutting stick is changed, the knife has to be readjusted. A knife which cuts too deeply damages not only the cutting stick but also the knife too.


40CUT-R125 DocuGem R125 12.5" Ream Paper Cutter By Global Express Manufacturing

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 1 × 1 in


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