Carnation CR-7 Mixed Denomination Bill Counter


If all you need is to count mixed bills – the Carnation CR-7 Mixed Denomination Value Counter is a perfect solution for you.

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Carnation CR-7 Mixed Denomination Bill Counter

Carnation CR-7 Mixed Denomination Bill Counter

Carnation CR-7 Mixed Money Counter

Key Points:

  • The Carnation CR-7 Mixed Denomination Bill Counter is THE machine for customers who need to count unsorted banknotes.
  • Just place a mixed batch of banknotes in the feeder, and within seconds you get the grand-total.
  • Until recently this technology (and the price tag attached) was reserved for banks and casinos only.
  • Today, thanks to numerous breakthroughs in image processing software, Carnation is able to offer a mixed denomination value bill counter to small and medium size businesses as well larger banking institutions.
  • CR7 is a mixed value bill counter of choice for the budget conscious.
  • At an unprecedented $1450 this is easily one of the better priced mixed denomination machines on the market.
  • It comes set with all the standard counterfeit detection features – UV, MG, and IR and two CIS sensors insure accurate image processing of the banknotes.
  • This bill counter is printer enabled – works with SPRT SP-POS58V and other thermal printers.


  • Counts Total Value of Mixed Bills – not a Discriminator
  • New January 2018 Release – Upgraded Machine
  • The CR-7 has Printer and PC Connectivity
  • UV, MG, and IR counterfeit detection functions

Carnation CR-7 Mixed Denomination Bill Counter


  • The Carnation CR-7 Mixed Bill Counter utilizes the spectrum analysis, magnetic distribution, and infrared distribution technology to recognize and count the banknotes of various denominations.
  • Equipped with counting speed of up to 1200 notes per minute (in counting mode), this money counter and sorter is easily the best in its category.
  • Added Feature: Printer and PC connectivity.
  • Currency – US DOLLAR
  • Counterfeit modes: • UV – Ultra -Violet Detection • MG – Magnetic Detection • IR – Infrared Detection
  • Preset and Manual Batch settings
  • Statistics of bills counted (how many banknote of each denomination)


  • Dimensions: 11″ (H) x 11″ (W) x 9: (D)
  • Speed: 800-1200 Notes per/minute
  • Hopper Capacity: 500 Notes
  • Stacker Capacity: 200 Notes
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Power Supply: 110 Volt – 230 Volt // 60 Hz
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY – parts and   labor

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