Canon Check Transport Cleaning Kit

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The Canon Check Transport Cleaning Kit decreases costly service calls – Increases the life of device components – decrease buildup of contaminants.

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Canon Check Transport Cleaning Kit

KICTeam Waffle technology!

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Canon Check Transport Cleaning Kit

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Cleaning Made Easy with the new Canon Cleaning Kit!

Including the newest cleaning wipes from Canon!     

A Great Deal in Buying!

Canon encourages a preventative maintenance routine to:

  • √ Decrease costly service calls
  • √ Increase the life of device components
  • √ Decrease buildup of contaminants
  • √ Increase operational and device efficiency
  • √ Decrease equipment downtime
  • √ Increase operational revenue

Canon Check Transport Cleaning Kit


Kit Contains:

  • 25 – Canon Check Transport Cleaning Cards featuring Waffletechnology®
  • 12 – Canon Check Transport and Document Scanner Wipes


Use this product to clean Canon CR-50, CR-80, CR-135i and 190i check transports.

  • This kit is designed to remove endorsement ink residue, paper flash, and other debris left behind during normal operation from internal parts of Canon check transports.

For more information read the literature from Canon Cleaning Tool Software Canon Check Scanner Fact Sheet click here Cleaning Tool Software Downloads for Canon Check Transports



Watch the video:

How to Clean a Canon Check Transport with a Canon Check Transport Cleaning Card

featuring Waffletechnology®

Eight Easy Steps:

1. Turn the scanner OFF 2. Hold down the START and STOP buttons. 3. Turn the scanner ON (If turned ON properly, the power LED will continue to flash). 4. Press the “F” button to turn the blue light OFF. 5. Place the cleaning card in the feed tray. 6. While pressing and holding the gray bypass button, press the START button to feed the cleaning card. 7. Repeat step 5 and 6 (3-5 times). 8. Upon completion, turn the scanner OFF and ON for normal scanning.

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