Billcon D-551 Currency Discriminator Counter

$3,750.00 $3,149.00

The Billcon D-551 Currency Discrimination Counter allows operators to be more efficient and cost-effective, they spend less time counting and more time helping customers.

New Phoenix, Inc. is a registered supplier to the U.S. Government (Cage Code: 6VDG5)


Billcon D-551 Currency Discriminator Counter

Billcon D-551 Currency Discriminator Counter

Billcon D-551 Currency Discriminator Counter


  • The Billcon D-551 allows operators to be more efficient and cost-effective
  • They spend less time counting and more time helping customers.
  • No presorting is necessary.
  • Simply choose your settings, place the bills in the hopper, and go.
  • Counts the bills you want to count
  • Automatically diverts the others to the large 100-note-capacity pocket.
  • Performed quickly and accurately with no need to stop midway through the process.
  • Features advanced high-speed denomination recognition technology
  • Six modes of counting bills preset batching and a blazing 1,200-notes-per-minute speed.
  • Unique full-line sensor accurately distinguishes between the six denominations of U.S.bills.


  • Offers magnetic detection.
    Magnetic sensors provide quick and effective suspicious note detection as counterfeit.
  • Shows a full-graphic display.
    The large, easy-to-read LCD screen shows total bill count and value
  • Total cumulative bill count and value, bill count and value by denomination
  • Cumulative bill count and value by denomination, as well as error codes and messages.
  • Offers instant error detection.
    Errors such as skew, half note, short note, over-batch, jams, etc. – it automatically notifies the user with an alarm and LCD readout.
  • Provides automatic starting.
    Programmed to start automatically when bills are placed in the hopper. Or, it can be set to start manually..
  • Interface.
    Two communication ports for RS-232C can be installed for connection to devices
  • Such as personal computer, serial printer and cash settlement system.

Billcon D-551 2 Pocket Currency Discriminator Counter

Choose from a variety of counting modes:

  • Mixed Mode < Mixed Counting >
    Identifies and counts mixed denomination bills, providing a summary of each denomination and total count.

  • Single Mode < Denomination Sorting Counting >
    Sorts a specific denomination.                                                                                                                                                                                         Other denominations are rejected to the pocket.

  • Separation Mode < Separate Denomination Counting >
    Counts a specific denomination.                                                                                                                                                                                    When a bill of a different denomination is detected, the machine temporarily stops. When bills are removed from the stacker, counting resumes.

  • Single and Direction Mode < Denomination and Direction Sorting Counting >
    Sorts in direction and denominations.  Other direction and denomination are rejected to the pocket.

  • Free Mode <Piece Counting Mode>

D-551 Specifications:

US dollar (six denominations excluding $2
Count speed
1,200 1,000, 600 notes-per-minute
Preset batch
100, 50, 25, 20, 10 (manually adjustable from 1-999)
2 Communication ports for RS-232C
Liquid crystal dot matrix display (graphic type)
Hopper capacity
500 notes
Stacker capacity
200 notes
Pocket capacity
100 notes
Suspicious note detection
Magnetic sensors
Dimensions (W X D X H)
13.0 X 13.4 X 12.0 inch / (330 X 340 X 300 mm)
29.7 lbs / (13.5kg)
Power consumption
Power supply
AC 100 – 120V ± 10%


United States Treasury